Battery Care and Maintenance Guide

Battery Care and Maintenance Guide

Battery Installation

  • Always have your batteries installed by a properly trained wheelchair or scooter technician. They have the necessary training and tools to do the job safely and correctly.
  • Wheelchairs and scooters typically require (2) batteries with a 24-volt series connection. Never mix and match different battery manufacturers, sizes or technologies, or use batteries that do not have similar date codes. Never mix Gel batteries with AGM batteries.
  • Always fully charge batteries prior to use.
  • Follow installation and start-up instructions provided by the mobility equipment manufacturer.


Mk Genuine Gel Break-In Period

Active users of power wheelchairs cycle their batteries daily (deep cycling). This stringent application requires a unique battery design that will sometimes compromise initial capacity in return for longer battery life. MK Gel battery performance improves once the battery has been cycled (discharged and recharged) 12-20 times. This break-in period is necessary to fully activate the battery for maximum performance and longevity. Thus, range and running time of your mobility device will increase with use during the break-in period.


When to Charge?

  • Charge daily and for as long as possible, even on days with low usage.
  • The charger supplies with your mobility equipment should fully charge your batteries overnight, Overcharging is not a problem with today's smart chargers as they are voltage limited and shut off automatically.
  • Chronic undercharging is a common cause of sulfation which can reduce capacity, shorten run times, and lead to premature battery failure. Daily charging for the longest amount of consecutive hours possible is required. Minimum charge time of 8 hours is recommended to return 80% of the capacity of the battery. To return 100% of the battery's capacity, additional charge time may be required. to regain lost capacity due to chronic undercharging and to enhance battery life, it is recommended that a 12-hour charge be performed at least once each week. 
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